Stolen Moments lyrics

I used to drink a lot in those days you see
Ya, that's the way the wind blows
These days the only bar I ever see
Has got lettuce and tomatoes

I get pumped up in the back of my mind
Start thinking those days were the best of times
But I never look forward to looking back
Now I see a little daylight coming through the cracks

Don't you know we're living in stolen moments
You steal enough it feels like we're stopping timeThese days are gold we're living in stolen moments
Just grab a hold

Well some guy told you that you couldn't dance
And you been carrying that forever
I'm the kinda fella needs a, a second chance
C'mon baby let's boo-ga-loo together

I see you over there just clinging to the wall
Cause they told you like ivy, you were born to crawl
But you kept looking up, girl, and I know why
Cause you knew some day you were gonna touch the sky


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