I Guess I Never Knew My Baby lyrics

Sitting looking at your photograph
And I remember how we used to laugh
How it makes me smile
Though its been a while
It makes me think about what could have been
But we were just too young to understand
What is here today
Can just slip away

But the one thing I regret
That I havent told you yet

Im saying I
Never trusted you the way I should
I guess I never knew my babyI guess my baby never knew me
And tell me why
We never did the things we could
I guess I never knew my baby
I guess my baby never knew me at all

One of the lessons that we learnt too late
We never knew how to communicate
Cause when I held you near all of my words disappear
You got the right to say I wasnt fair
I could have shown you more love and care
But I know that it was wrong
But it just carried on
And we pretended we were fine
But we were lying all the time



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