All These Feelings lyrics

In this night that highlights dawn, I stay dormant for I have feared this moment
i have feared that this time would come This is the time someone must silence your voice
Vengeful and fierce are the thoughts that i bear with me The last strain of hope is gone
I am calculating the risk and I am ready for desperate measures now

Thrown into the lion pit A fight of life I failed you all and I am too afraid
to become a slave to the base of urges But a situation like this requires concessions
I will not allow someone like you to destroy what we have
I do not want to be like you but i have no choice you leave me no choice
in my eyes clashing views on everything i am

I take a closer look to see there are only illusions
everything that defined me all i believed has been withdrawn
reality tears apart itself now tell me that this is not a matter of life and death
this is a matter of life and death
this is my consciousness my ego my self-sabotage
This is indispensable This is what my feelings sound like

I am more afraid of the ones that obey than of the disease itself
see the signs of this emergence and raise the awareness
It's time to be resistant
I find so many reasons to why you should be extinct
so many reasons yet no one will win
So i will fight this fight for one last night

Fuse together with my painful strife to be under the knife
as i flex the joints of this hand you might find that you don't stand a chance
Prepare for impact let the darkness commence and this is where it ends


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