Mark Wills - Any Fool Can Say Goodbye

(Gary Harrison&Tim Mensy)

We finally got it out all in the open
We agreed it's time this chapter closed
Soon you'll be on an airplane to your momma's
Where that leaves me I don't really know
But standing here I just got to thinkinYou know this airport's open every day
So where's the fire darlin' what's the hurry
Don't you think goodbye can wait

Before we take this leaving any farther
Let's reach a little deeper inside Maybe we could try a little harder
Roll up our sleeves and keep this love alive
Any Fool Can Say Goodbye

Remember when our love was all that mattered
Back when all we had was love and dreams
Before we knew it baby something happened
Dreams got put aside to make ends meet
Don't you think we owe it to the good times
Not to let the hard times win
We can walk away tomorow
Tonight let's try again
Date: 15.08.2018      View: 95