Marc Almond - Adored And Explored

Wild wild child of the London night
Prowling under cover of the city lights
Waiting for a chance to strike, strike, strike
You're gonna strike at my heart

There's trouble going on
Behind your eyes
Blue little eyes
Where trouble lies
They gave you too much trouble
But not enough time
The time starts here
And here you'll find I want to be inside
Be inside your mind
Riding where your secrets hide
And worship at the shrine

It's time to be Adored And Explored
So you wanna be Adored And Explored
And you're gonna be Adored And Explored
So come on and be Adored And Explored

There's a storm coming up behind your eyes
You're gonna give the world a big surprise
They gave you too much trouble but not enough time
Now there's plenty of time so for now be mine
Date: 24.09.2018      View: 222