Benjamin Boyce - All My Dreams

I feel destroyed without you
Guess I can’t make it right
forgive me
I know what I’ve done is wrong
I tried to make you stay
You told me it’s over
the same old song
the days of silence
were too long
and now
are you feeling good without me
I watched you from far away
you cried
I wanted to hold you again
But then I saw him there
I froze in a state of fright
Who is this guy? I pulled a gun and
shot the bastard down

Now All My Dreams are dark and blind
all the tears are wasted water
all my fears have passed away
I can’t go on without you by my side no more
Make sure you’re careful now
and write me so now and then
to feel you near
you know that I love you
I’m wiping away the tears
I’m sorry for the pain I caused
it’s been so long
I can’t go on
without you by my side
Date: 01.10.2018      View: 128