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Serenity Dies - The Killing Machine (The Apocalypse)

Serenity Dies
Music - Fai, Lyrics - Chuck

Darkness falls, in to my mind
This is my fate, I shell blast
Destroying and turning to pieces
In a brutal second of time
Shedding blood, breeding death
The first deadly strike is set
Blazing fire, burning red
On my way to hit the ground

The end is drawing near
Innocent lives I consume
I spreading disease just to kill
The world is set for burn

Leaping from the war machines
Eat my way through battlefield
This sky of hell crushes in pain
Mankind burns within my grip
Speeding high, air ripping machine
Foe of all time and that's for sure
Crushing rival, showing no mercy
This is my battle I will win

Chaotic violence
Murdering this world
Boundaries of hell
Breaking the silence

Dismay for your life
Better to be unborn
Screaming an crying
We die by the weapons

All living Contaminate
Memories of the dead forever haunting
Doomed race they never learn
What apocalypse did to cities fall?
New diseases, it's spreading fast
There punishment for human race
A world spoiled by technology
We brought our self-destruction

I see the dead from here
Kissing the world good bye
Through the darkest hour
None will survive

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