Pain In The Ass lyrics

If I could just be nice to you
would you believe it was true
I just can't imagine what you'd say
and if you respect the way I act
then I've got to figure that you're cracked
Either way it's probably neither way

I don't understand I thought you'd never last
and all the questions that I thought you'd never ask
and all my tolerance it disappeared so fast
it's not my fault I'm just a pain in the ass

I wonder if you understandthe truth behind an unkind hand
a blow to let me know I made my point
that my loss for words left unclear
answered strikes a note of fear
appears my visions left you out of joint

another time I kept my cool
lost within a world of fools
remained content in calling you a clown
it's not like we have full control
it's not like we're responsible
and lashing out can only let you down


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