Flotsam - Midnight Snack

Energy, reality, combined with creativity
Engulfed in popularity with everyone he knows
Dripping in humanity, exactly what a friend should be
At least that's how it used to be before he hit the stone

Shooting up shooting down

Stealing hurting just to pay for what he needs to live his day
Injecting all his cares away and nodding off the time
Banging up what used to be a life of high prosperity
Complete enraged insanity for a nauseating high
Shooting up shooting down
Shooting up shooting down
(The claw hangs just above your head
Hypodermics gathered make your bed)

Spending all of present time begging outside in the grime
Colour turning slightly lime from hypodermic Midnight Snack
Dignity is tossed aside as he finds a place to hide
Detox without losing pride, he simply can't do that
Date: 27.08.2018      View: 55