E.m.t.e.k. lyrics

Experiment for the government, I hear they're paying well
I needed the money, all I have is my courage to sell
Innoculations for the benefit of all mankind
A human guinea pig, I've laid my life on the line
I didn't plan on this misery, this drastic change
Organ donor before my death, what a foolish risk
Had suspicions when they hooked the needle to my wrist
Felt the sickness as the fluid gushed beneath my flesh
My peeling skin turns green, at least I can pay the rent

Masochistic nausea I can't chase away
Transforming my life is fading away
Blood cells mutating in unnatural ways
Hair is receding, my skin turns to scales
Genetic imbalance of self-induced hell

Distort the tissue to create the strain
Biological warfare is their f*&$#*g game
I've paid the price the naive accessory
Cash mutated, I am no longer me


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