Flotsam - Vı

Doing the descend, I've been waiting
To step into a dream
It is, it was, it seems
Satan in your stereo, crucifix receptacle
Menace in your muddy eyes, a candy coated fear
Do I remember me, transcending partisan

Hunter and hunted, now one in the same
Vast delirium, multitudes of attitude
T.V. is your brain
Vile, greasy vermin nicotine scars
Cheap, lethal bourbon, my refuge in the bar
Open mind defended, seen through a filtered lens
Gaze upon the symbolism, I wanna know what the message sends

Warfare concealed a symbolism, a martyr for your daughter
Stigmatised in my holy water, 666
Is it threatening as it seems
Sometimes there's nothing left to tell
Sometimes I can't understand myself
Date: 19.09.2018      View: 88