The Life lyrics

From the album: True North, Released 11.14.2000
Interscope Records&

I listened to you from your pedestal
- telling us all how your world was full of shit
Why couldn't you bow and say "Thank you all"
to everyone who made you what you are
It sent my heart, hurt, crashing down
'Cause these are my dreams you're bashing

You're living the life
Can't you see you are living the life?
You're living the life that I only dream

The kingdom you own - does it drag you down?
I'll gladly relieve you of your big shiny crown
You say it's so frustrating now
I can't believe you're faking

Living the life
Seems to me you are living the life
You're living a wonderful, wonderful life...

Tell me would you really rather be a
nobody nobody knows?
Oh no?


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