El Diablo lyrics

The devil isn't who you think he is
He's beautiful, and that's the problem with him.
He wanted to drive the car,
he said to God move over,
God threw him out and now he wants to drive your car.
The fire and the things they say are his, are deceptive,
because thats not the way he wins.
He wins when forget who God is,

he wins when we don't believe in him,
he opens doors that will take us from God.I've lived on both sides now I know if grass looks greener than don't you go there,
I crossed over once, the green grass turned to grey.
If I could swear one hundred times that satan, yeah he's full of lies.
He tempts you in and then he takes it all away.
The devil isn't who they say he is,
he's seems sensible and that's the trouble with him.
Don't you know the bible says,
there's a way that seems right to man,
but in the end it leads to death.
I've lived on both sides now I know if grass looks


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