Fatal - The World Is Changing

[Singer]-oohhhh(hold note)
[Voice]- Tell'em where you come in, tell that fake nigga where you come in
[Singer]-oohhhh(hold note)
[Voice]- Yall bitch niggaz is jealous, I see a whole bunch of suckers

Verse one
Won't you niggas, take a look at a real thug
and see why, ya bitches get suspicious and peal
slugs, at me, til the day I die, high muthafucker tryinto think of somethin', other then dyinwhat the fuck could you do me? but laugh and diss
stay in your place, while a real playa mash to this
I know it's heaven for G's, M-11 to squeeze
'bout an ounce, and body counts, to drop pass seven degree's
I'm a neva go home, blastin' on you bitch made
jealous ass niggas, switchin' up like a switch blade
life is what you make it, I'm make it in dope
my dog died in tail cell, shakin' from rope
it's only one way out the game, and I suggest you stay
from escapade, profess you chest and laid
put ya guns down, shoot for revolution, and mash
Date: 05.08.2018      View: 75