Please Baby Don't lyrics

(feat. John Legend)

Please baby don't
Don't fall in love with me
Please baby don't
You know my history
See honey I
I'm just trying to warn you
Please baby don't
Don't fall in love with me

We've been cruising down this road a while now
I should tell the truth
Girl you've been so good to me
But I know I'm no good for you
You should run
While you can
Find yourself a better man
Cause I'm known for ???
And for breaking hearts across the land

Yes I've been known to have a few temptationsOut there on the road
Unless they hypothetically I slip and took a couple home
Girl I know that's not fair
You need someone who'll be there
So just get away before
It's too late and your pains too much to bear

[chorus x2]

Now on second thought
Maybe well give this love a second try
Cause I cant see you with no one else
I'm selfish I can't lie
So let's go
Let's go slow
You know all you need to know
It could end one day
But let's just savour
See how far it goes

[Chorus x1]


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