I Don't Need It lyrics

Oh no, no, no

Now I'm not ready to trade in all my Kelly bags
And I'm not saying you should rush
And take the Bentley back
Cause I've grown so accustom to our lifestyle
But I'll trade it all to have you around

I can't complain
I know you're trying to make life better
For us
Things got to change
Cause this ain't going to last forever
And I can't take it cause I miss you so much
You say you want me to have the world
And I believe it
But if that means you're not here with me
Then I don't need it

I know I never say it
But I do appreciate the things you do
The only thing that matters, is that I will just be with you
All I need is you
So you don't have to give me the world

Chorus x2
You say you want me to have the world


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