Ain't Nobody (who Could Love Me) lyrics

[Queen Latifah]:
Uhh Faith, Big Tif
On tha remix uh Bad Boy, Flava Unit for tha nine-six yeah
Check it out no joke without a doubt hah yeah
Uh now check it out

Listen who's spreading all the rumors, who's selling all the lies
Its spreading us apart, its fucking with my heart
You be sayin' keep it real and keep it real I must
You my man, I'm your girl yo whats up with tha trust
Yo tell me why you flex do you have a guilty complex?Could you be laying up with the next? I'm vexed
Cause I'm losing you for something that don't even exist
Your number one with my kiss it ain't no twos on my list and that's tha jist
I'm looking for that special part of you, things won't be the same
If I lose my baby boo (lose my baby boo)
And my all girl crew only want to smoke blunts sip brew
But I want you so get at me don't get mad at me
Let's talk it out cause all I really want is to be happy like Mary
I'm getting wary of these games its heavy on my mind like a weave
I can't leave so it gots to change


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