Where Do I Go from You lyrics

(Lyrics & Music by Diane Warren)

Empty sky where the stars used to be
They shine for everybody else
But don't shine for me no
Since you went away
Ever since you took your love away from me
Rainbows fade

They fade to black and white
No it's never gonna be the same
The same without you in my life girl
'Cause you were the best thing I ever had
I'll never find another love like thatSo tell me, tell me.

Where do I go from you
A lonely street is where every road
Is gonna lead me to oh, oh
What do I do with these blues baby
I wanna know, where do I go from you.

I should've took the time
To show you how much I care
Should've realized just what I had
When I had you there
I let you get away


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