Jon Secada - Get Me Over You

Music and Lyrics by Jon Secada, Miguel Morejon and Diane Warren

Sketches and edges of pictures so perfect
Haunt my memory
And girl I still weep
Cause I keep you within
I'm so sorry I let you go.

Lovers forever a phrase I remember
Now seems so unkind
The world that I knew
Is the world that is now
Somewhere lost in time, somewhere lost in time.
If I could find a way
Make you wanna stay
Share my life with you
I don't know how
Guess I'll make it somehow, baby
Maybe I'll get through
But what is it gonna take?
To Get Me Over You.

Tears mixed with fears
Contradictions arise
Ramble through my mind
That all the things that I've been
Date: 19.09.2018      View: 106