N.E.R.D. - Find My Way

You mean the world to me

Just a minute ago x3
I said some things
I know that I can't change that
But when I just screamed
That didn't mean for us to break, break our pact

I'm searching for a way back
But I'm looking through a peep hole
I'm trying to Find My Way back
I wanna be your hero

I'm here you're there x3
Between us there's air
But no one is breathing, such room
How can this be
It's your face I see
This is so crazy
We're endlessly room

I'm searching for my way back girl (repeat)
I love you, forever
I dont care what it takes
But I know we've got to get there
We've got to get there
I can see it now you and me
I know nothing will change
If the both of us just sit here
If we just sit here
Come on now join me girl, can't you see


I'm lost
Where am I
I just wanna go home
I'm out here by myself
I'm lost in space
I'm a rock and roll star
I just want to see you
Hey I'm a rock and roll star
I just want to meet you
I love you baby, love you baby, love you baby
Date: 24.08.2018      View: 126