Love Is Just A Dream lyrics

Something in the way she moves
In the way she touches me
In a way that no one can ever do
Something in the way I feel
When she's standing there
Makes me feel more real than the rain
Igama lami 'nkunzi emnyama
(My name is "black bull")
Yimi 'nkunzi emnyama
(I am "black bull")
Ngicitha amasoka
(I am the one who tests young men in love)
Standing on the corner
There's nothing warmer
Than holding her hard and close to meChorus
Isoka latatazela
(This young man is nervous)
Lentombi ifuna ukwendlala
(because the young girl wants to stay the night)
Itshitshi limnandi itshitshi limnandi njengoshukela
(a virgin is sweet, a virgin is sugar sweet)
We're sitting at the river's end
She smiles and says to me
"Make my heart beat like a drum"
Time, time, time, can we hold the line?
Can I keep this picture forever?
Igama lami 'nkunzi emnyama
(My name is "black bull")


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