You And Your Career lyrics

You know those feelings I'm talking about
You're walking down the road
A car indicates right and then turns left
You didn't get the code
It's a world of signs we're living in
A mirror and that's a fact
If you don't reflect what they provide
They're likely to react

Was another wind-swept Wednesday
In the schoolyard of the heart
Your knuckles got wrapped for this before
You had to learn your part
I'm at your window looking inSeems my valentine has died
We came out in 1983
Now you've gone back inside
You've gone back inside

A snapshot of a wicked world
It's flowing down the sink
But there is no point in watching it go
No time to sit and think
The world's revolving faster
But the train's still going slow
So much cackle, no more laughter
Don't trust anyone you don't know


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