The Devil In Me lyrics

I shot John F.Kennedy in Dallas in 63
They blamed it on Oswald carelessly
But it was the devil in me
Put Jesus on the cross, I put a gag on the Boss
I kissed him on the cheek so he couldn't speak
But that was the devil in me
It was the devil in me
It's the devil in me that's unlevelling me
Put it down to the devil in me

I made you breakfast, put poisoned sheets on the bed
I made you cry, couldda made you laugh insteadBut that was the devil in me
So I killed you off, I tore your famous brown furcoat
I laughed at your cough, ignored your suicide note
But that was the devil in me.....

I blew up the bus, I started World War III
Hijacked the plane with Qadaffi, blew the hostages free
That was the devil in me
I'm sponsored by a company that I don't believe in
I advertise their things for cash, that ain't deceiving
No, that's just the devil in me


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