The Bonny Bunch Of Roses lyrics

By the margin of the ocean
One pleasant evening in the month of June
The pleasant singing blackbird
His charming notes to tune
Then I saw a woman
All in great grief and woe
Conversing with young Bonaparte
Concerning the bonny bunch of roses, oh
And then up and spoke the Young Napoleon
And he took hold of his mother's hand
Oh mother dear be patient
And soon I will take command
I'll raise a terrible armyAnd through tremendous danger go
And in spite of all of the universe
I'll conquer the Bonny Bunch of Roses, oh

And when first you saw the Great Napoleon
You fell down on your bended knee
And you asked your father's life of him
And he's granted it most manfully
Then he took an army
And over the frozen alps did go
He said I'll conquer Moscow
And come back for the Bonny Bunch of Roses, oh


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