Hitler's Tears lyrics

One man's tears stain the pillow
Where he used to lay his head
She's left him for another man
So how come they're both sleeping in his bed?
He can hardly sleep for misery
You can hear him catch his breath
And he grinds his teeth into the night
And God says "Hey, Adolf, are you alright?"

One boy's tears stain the paper
Where he writes his Christmas list
And he inks in broken German"I wanna be a fine artist"
Then he wipes out half a continent
With one flick of his wrist
He's so lonely, so misunderstanding
As he pulls his blanket across the landing

You can hear them falling every day (Hitler's tears)
Just open up the newspaper (Hitler's tears)
You can hide, there's no escape from Hitler's tears--
Just what makes the führer blue?
He's crying for you


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