John Vanderslice - Amitriptyline

So long, goodbye
By order of the Pasadena court
So long, goodbye
Five hundred milligrams
Held down by a pharamceutical hand, goodbye
Are needed everyday
So we can regulate my uncontrollable urge

Remember me as I was
Too much life, oh, and too much love
Last week, my lastly stunning stunt
Top tier, my jumping chandelier

That's why I'm here Amitriptyline

I was a quiet, lunch box lonely little boy
Reading sci-fi, broken treehouse on the shore
Nineteen, talking in my head got harder to understand
No work, no school, drifting, a failing satellite
Don't feel sorry for me, I've been happy too
Manic, kindly, blinding, high-res euphoria

Please remember me as I was
The crowning dove, the clowing judge
Sad king alone in the western wing
Date: 11.10.2018      View: 67