When Jesus Left Birmingham lyrics

When Jesus left Birmingham
All the disciples went crazy.
When Jesus left Birmingham
All the people went completely nuts.
They all busted out on a wild night
Riding high on a golden calf.
When Jesus left Birmingham
All the people had themselves a big long laugh.

Well my girl, she's a walker
And she can talk herself out of any mess.
My girl, she don't pray
But somehow she seems still to be blessed.And when those crazy nights come callin',
Man, she'll dance on the tables
Like all of the rest.
When my girl left Birmingham
She was doing what she thought was best.

It's all free on the inside.
I passed a very uncomfortable feeling last night.
Save us right now, we need you...
To hell with all the lies and liars.
Recovery, recovery, I don't know about any recovery.
Inside, gotta get inside,


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