Thundering Hearts lyrics

In these long, hot summer days,
Need a way to cool ourselves down.
Pop off the top of that Chevrolet,
Drive through the carwash, laugh
And fall around.

Smokin' the old Ducados the old man got down in Spain.
Eatin' eggs and French fries on the side.
Ride that Harley Davidson in the hot summer heat.
Lord knows that I just love to ride.

Go by and pick up that Kentucky girl.
She knew me when I got my start.Oh yeah, those were different days...

In the valley of the thundering hearts,
Thundering hearts
Thundering hearts
Thundering hearts

Get your greasy hair, girl, right on my face.
This old redneck's on fire, burnin' up.
Give us a kiss, baby, make it on the same place.
Humidity's about to drive me all crazy wild.


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