The Breakout lyrics

Kenny Aronoff - Drums and Percussion
John Mellencamp - Vocals
Andy York - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar
Mike Wanchic - Backing Vocals

Why do I think there's nobody out there?
No one who wants me and no one who knows.
I wait in this place, no one can see me.
After all this time could I be so alone?
I walk through this old town and still feel lonely.
The wind plays sad songs high in the trees.
The sun never shines this deep in the forest.Am I in the darkness or is the darkness in me?

I wanna break
I wanna break out
I wanna break
I wanna break out

I want to taste the tears of a lover
Warm as my blood, as wet as a kiss.
But it's only dark rain that falls in this old town.
Old as my memory and as cold as my lips.


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