Survive lyrics

Go on and admit it
You can't take it anymore
So why don't you quit it
Your scratching off again
Can't you see it
Well the whole thing was such a surprise

I know you and your hear crazy notions
Your pretty girls and no devotions
Down by the ocean middle class
Down by the gulf side, you let it all slide

But now your saying that you don'tWanna be a sixteen year old girl, aah
But you don't want to turn twenty-five
You never ever, you never ever lied,
Where you been, aahh
You got to survive to keep yourself alive,
Yeah-ah, yeah

It ain't no big deal if your attitude is wrong
And you don't know how you feel
You just cop someone else's ideas
And masturbate yourself, make them your own
Well I, I don't mean to tell you what to do


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