Miami lyrics

Well I hear in Miami they have a lot of girls
Who toast their flesh in the sun
Living on allowances they receive from the old man at home
To keep up appearances to have fun

Hey baby
Living in Miami
I know you're hip to those hotel alibis
I know you're nowhere near twenty
But I ain't the kind to kiss and tell or tell lies

Well they are easy to look at, they are hard to holdThey have high opinions of themselves
But at night you can find them drinking in the bar
Wishing that they could find somebody else


Well they pull and tug on their high fashion clothes
As they strip off their armor in their apartment bedrooms
They wish that somewhere they can find a spark
Well their sights and visions and dreams are set high
They think the world can be won with a smile
I hear 'em giggle out loud, lost in the crowd
Give me a cuddle when we get outside


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