Them Run Your Lives lyrics

Written by John Mellencamp

Hello girls and boys
As you sit in your carpeted bedrooms
With your stereos on and on
Playin' with those hundred dollar toys
Built to occupy your minds
So you don't notice your future's are gone
And as you race on through the streets tonight
Lookin' for some lonely lover to hold you tight
You think that the world is alright
Well you're out of touch, you're out of time
You're gonna crack, your fragile regulated minds
As you're headin' on to no kind of conclusion
*Go on, let 'em run your lives
Watch 'em as they cut your throat
With they're parental carving knife
Go on, let 'em run your lives
Are you too young to see
Or just to old to fight

They've taken the energy away from you
They haven't taught you enough to deal
With the ordeal you must be goin' through
Yeah but look at this now
They've left you the schools
They've left you the government
But they're all fallin' down


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