Kid Inside lyrics

Talking: (One time only, [gulp] if you don't
Get it right this time, tough shit, tough shit,
Everybody ready, tell me when, say when your
Rolling here, a one, a two, a one, two, three, die)

I press my face to the window
I ran my fingers through my hair
I watched my life go around in a circle
And I realized that no body but me cares

And I saw the hurt of my system
And I felt the madness of our faults conforming
And I walked around your house for hoursAnd I could feel that you had me in some kinda of stranglehold

And I don't know why you said those bad things about me
Well it must be the way of protecting some kind of crazy pride
Yeah you always direct your attention toward others
And look you know, it's so easy to see that my wounds have been open

And you can just kid the kid inside so many times
You can just kid the kid till he grabs you by the throat
And is choking your young ass blind
And you just kid the kid till you're walking on the tightrope in my my
mind ??


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