It Don't Scare Me None lyrics

Well, it don't scare me none,
I've been there before,
Sideswiped an old Oak tree
In a rusted-out old Ford.
Shot at guys who were shootin' back
In the Second World War,
And it don't scare me none
I've been there before.

Well I fell in love with a woman
Who did not love me back,
Bare-handled rattle snakes
And threw 'em in a sack,Honkey tonked with strangers
Who were eating broken glass,
Well, it don't scare me none
'Cause I'll be comin' back.

I take from my loved ones
To gamble on my friends,
I take the long way home
And the fun never ends,
Woke up blurry-eyed
Wonderin' where I've been,
I've wrestled with my conscience,
But my conscience never wins.


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