In Our Lives lyrics

Well I'm a middle-aged teenager
I'm a man of angst and leisure
Doin' the best that I can do
My problems are incorrect
I've always got it around my neck
Hey I'm just like you
Yeah I've done some good and I've done some bad
But the most fun that I ever had
Was singing my songs for you
And if I should go astray
I'd get down on my knees and pray
Say God forgive me for what I do

Oh in our livesThere's no right way for us to live it
You know in our lives
There's a time to cry and a time to forget it

Well I'm a broke down humble man
Baby that's just who I am
And that's from me to you
Well I feel good here
Got about a million more years
To do what it is I gotta do
And if some day you happen to be passin' my way
Say hi, hello, how are you
Well, I'll return the gesture in kind


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