High C Cherrie lyrics

She's one of those Sunday afternoon walkers
Who searches down the rich dick
So here comes, speak this way baby
Ain't no tongue some kinda a trick
So shake that kick, ooh shake that kick
Shavin' your underarms
I got my eyes on your ...
If I could just get your hands on my balls

*Hello High C Cherrie
Would you bring it on over here
I got a big jet black Cadillac
Parked out back in the rearI'd give you twenty five heathens
To serve you a six pack of rollin' thunder beer
Say ain't that enough, Cherrie
To stick it in you

Eww my my the girl with ... rolls
That's the way talk (High C)
You must admit you're heaven sent
For big boys ...
Hey I'm on the corner taken ...
Hey baby, I can hold my own
(Cherrie) Meet me on C Street, baby
Hey little girl, you want an ice cream cone


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