Do You Think That's Fair lyrics

Well I see you've got a new boyfriend
Got your mixed up husband too
I got 25 dollars in my pocket
Want me to spend it all on you
But I know that you cheat on all of us
That's just the way that you do
Hey, girl, I don't care where you've been
I know, I've been there too

Woo, woo baby, Do you think that's fair?
Do we really have to be so lonely and so scaredWoo, woo baby, Do you think that's fair?
Well I know this is up to me and you
We make this thing turn out like we want to
Well, last time I thought about you
Didn't really think that much
And the last time we spoke you said
You were afraid of my touch
And then you went your way
I stumbled down a highway, I went mine
You know, I think it's funny the
Way infatuation gets beat up by the time


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