Close Enough lyrics

I may not be a pillar in my town
or have the kind of job you think that I should.
I know you see me out running around with a couple of people
you think are no good.

I've tried to clean it up a couple of times, but I'm a
backslidin' fool when it comes to walkin' that line.
It's OK. You think you're better than me.
Yeah, that's all right, girl, that's all right.

'Cause I'm close enough for rock and roll,close enough for rock and roll,
close enough for rock and roll.
I'm close enough for a little rock and roll.

Yeah, it's true, I don't plan my time.
When you're lookin' for me, I'm hard to find.
I know you don't wanna run around with me.
With my socks fallin' down, girl, I'm just poor company.

I've seen your face, and it's a one-eyed jack.
We like to talk about this or that.
None of these things really interest me


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