John Mellencamp - Chestnut Street

Well I've lived and breathed and been disbelieved
in these small town streets too long
I've been up with the winners and down with the sinners
And hung on this corner 'til dawn
And my hands they have been tied
To a life I've been denied
I'm just a small town boy bein' used like a toy
And workin' from nine to five

By the end of the day, all the kids would go play
And I'd come staggering home
With a dream in my hand and a master plan
That wouln't leave my mind alone
I compromised all my schemes And flucturated all my dreams
I'm just a small town boy bein' used like a toy
And nothing is like it really seems


But you must believe that when I walk down the tracks
The young girls fall back and say
There goes that sleek young silhouette
He don't drive no Corvette
But he stings just like a Sting Ray
And that's my only redemption in this house of detention
That keeps me from simply blowin' it all awa
Date: 23.08.2018      View: 168

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John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp is an American singer.