John Lydon - Tie Me To The Length Of That

Trials and tribulations.

When I was born the doctor didn't like me.
He grabbed my ankles, held me like a turkey.
Dear mommy, why'd you let him hit me?
This was wrong, I knew you didn't love me.

(There is selection, many shapes and sizes.
Variety, fondling surprises.
The syllables, trigger happy opposites.
Encountering those devious devices.
Satisfying all that you are craving.
Considering life is now worth saving.)
I keep these feelings deep inside my body.
It's not the union both of us expected.
Remember daddy, when you made him hold me?
Safe in his arms, then the bastard dropped me.

(missing lyrics for this line)

Tie Me To The Length Of That. (x4)

You'll be sorry you don't love me.
Something is happening to my body.
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