Hands In Da Air lyrics

Niggas always watchin me (funky!)
But I want em to keep on watchin me
I'ma keep give em sumthin to see (smokin!)

I always feel like
Somebody's watchin me, watchin me
Could it be the way I'm still tight?

Niggas that didn't use to feel me jockin me, jockin me
The, whole world got too much money for me
To not get no dough, dough, can't no hoe
Rock harder than the one from So-So
I never go broke broke
I keep comin with the vocals that make most know
Why the fuck I boast, boast and brag
Why should I look sad that I got some loot now?
In fact, I knew how
watch when I back the Coupe out
Can niggas just troop out
The same way they do when I show you Brat
With a little bit of boobs outAnd her big ass protrude out
Get the news out
Some of you bitches lose out
When the sexiness ooze out
Like orgasms, I'm the best at this
Throwin tantrums when I move into makin shit
If you thinkin of becomin one of my favorites
You gotta pay a bitch
Cause I be stayin rich
I ain't quittin, quittin
Way before Funkdafied I was spittin, spittin

Throw yo hands in the air like you dont care
This fo niggas and bitches everywhere
Forever you playas playas flash on em, get cash on em
And make em say, say
Hands in the air, from side to side
Forever im high, high
Together we ride, ride


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