Lonely Dreamers lyrics

Words and music by John Kay and Rocket Ritchotte

Running like bandits through the blinding dark of night
There's nothing in sight
Suddenly someone shines a guiding light
Things start lookin' all right
Clutching the promise of a bright and better dawn
You wait for the sun
Oh, you can bury a man when all his dreams are gone
So you just keep holding on

And here's to the lost and lonely dreamersStruggling to survive
Here's to the true and daily heroes
Keeping our dreams alive

Watching the news you took a bruising body blow
Your guts screaming foul
Madness and mayhem got you on the ropes
Somebody throw in the towel
Just when you feel like going down to end the bout
To stop all this pain
Somebody somewhere shows a ray of hope
And you start punching again


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