John Hiatt - When We Ran

Could have been the kiss of my life
Could have been the death of me
Could have been that I was just too scared
To wait around and see

You could have been a guardian angle
I could have been the wicked one
Besides the buttons on our shirts, girl,
What else did we leave undone?
When We Ran
When We Ran
When We Ran
When We Ran
Was it just the time slippin' through our hands? Right through our hands

Maybe I was tryin' to tell ya
I'd never known a love so strong
Maybe in the shadows of the night
We just couldn't tell right from wrong
Maybe its a real-life story
Livin' with the sad regrets
Maybe it was just a sweet dream baby
Somethin' that I can't forget
When We Ran
When We Ran
When We Ran
Date: 05.10.2018      View: 90