John Hiatt - Take Off Your Uniform

You've been a good girl
You've been a bad girl
You're not a girl anymore
Deep in a picture show
Unbuttoned in the last row
You watched the grown-ups win the war
Now that they've got you where they want you
You're just combin' your hair
The alteration's done,but you're havin' way too much fun
They want to touch you but you just don't care

Take Off Your Uniform
They see what they want to see You should have never been born
You'd better stay with me

Your replacement
Waits in the basement
They've got her down to your smile
She writes those letters too
She thinks she's better than you
She says you're just a foolish child
They got her smilin' while she's dialing
She's such a clever machine
She'd fit in anywhere, now that her vision's impaired
She listens up, but she don't know what they mean
Date: 15.08.2018      View: 87