Long Night lyrics

3 on a fever, down in the dumps
the 1st one hollers, the 2nd one jumps
the 3rd writes a letter to his family
says I'd kill everyone if it was up to me

Early in the bathroom, looking for a drain
passing at the misery, just to ease the pain
Scared at the turbid, looking for a light
anything at all to get through the long night

long night, long night
well everybody's got the fever and relief is not in sightlong night, long night
lord the darkest hours, please relieve this appetite

up against the window and up against the wall
and up against religion and up against it all
no place to run to and no place to hide
you know the night will fall and you will crawl inside

well I get up in the morning, it's the same old news
Somebody's been wearing someone else's shoes.
I cripple to his crutches, I'm off to the light
Well one and all, we run from the long night.


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