I'm A Real Man lyrics

I'm a real man, I got a real guitar
I'm a real man, don't even know where the boys are
I don't want to frighten you little girl, you're so sweet and nice
But I don't want to have to tell you twice

I'm a real man, I want to rock like a real man
Don't get no shock from that
Elevator music in your computer program
Baby, how'd you like to rock with a real man?

Yes I'm a real man, baby, I'm not lyinI'm thirty-one years old now and I still don't mind dyinYou can put the voodoo on me, girl
There's nothing I can't dodge
Check out this Lincoln in my garage

Kids, these days, I'm talkin' about these young folk
They're about as wild as Pollyanna after she growed up
After a hard day at the Casiotone they just don't want to live
They're about as dangerous as a junior executive


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