John Hiatt - Hangin' Round Here

If I could go back to love's first blush
Oh my lordy it would be a big rush
But I know you can't go back
You gotta keep moving that's a natural fact

So here we are still in love
I swear to you honey by the stars above
It's an old man's dreams that a young man fears
Well I learned that honey just Hangin' Round Here

I'm proud of my mistakes
And all the love and the trouble that I ever did make I never mean to hurt no one
And when I did it wasn't any fun

But all the roads lead me straight to you
It's all good every little thing that you do
It gets me going just to have you near
Well I learned that honey just hangin' around here

Round here a man has to stand up tall
Round here a man has gotta learn to crawl
Got to go to the bottom to see the top
It's a one way ticket and it never does stop
Date: 15.08.2018      View: 102