John Hiatt - Bring Back Your Love To Me

Darling if you've been a hurting
I don't care what it is
I wanna help for certain, but it takes more than a kiss
All this love and affection
I'm feeling for you now
Send it back in my direction, girl
I can show you how

My love is coming on strong
And you know, you've been gone away too long

Bring back, bring back your lovin' to me
Bring back, bring back your lovin' to me
All that words that passed between us
Spoken in haste
Could have gone back and forth to Venus
For all the time we waste
Staying angry at each other
Sometimes just for anger's sake
I don't want no other lover
I got too much here at stake

Our love is worth fighting for
And you know it, even as you close that door

Date: 15.08.2018      View: 138