Dying On The Vine lyrics

I've been chasing ghosts and I don't like it
I wish someone would show me where to draw the line
I'd lay down my sword if you would take it
And tell everyone back home I'm doing fine

I was with you down in Acapulco
trading clothing for some wine
Smeling like an old adobe woman
Or a William Burroughs playing for lost time

I was thinking about my mother
I was thinking about what's mineI was living my life like a holy war
But I was dying on the vine

Who could sleep through all that noisy chatter
The troops, the celebrations in the sun
The authorities say my papers are all in order
If I wasn't such a coward, I would run

Meet me when all the shooting's over
Meet me on the other side of town
Yes you can bring all your friends for protection


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