The Yogi's So High lyrics

felt the earth move
I saw the sun rise
Knew who the stars shine for
Understood Ouspenski
Witnessed Velokowski's
Sunset rising at my door
Tracing my footsteps
Right down that slow train

I felt so relaxed so cool
What killed another fool
Just kept me sustained
So I just watch the mountains grow
Listen to the wind lie to me
Diggin' those changes on the radio
I'm cravin' some cool, cool water
I'm dying of thirst
Like some fool salted my circumcision
And the yogi's so highBut the difference is, little differences
I've never been so high
Only difference is, little differences
I'm stoned, stoned cold
I'm stoned, stoned cold
I'm stoned
I swear, I'm there, I'm stoned
First the silence, then the heat
Then fear sets in
Afraid you're gonna get an answer you don't want to hear
The truth puts blisters on my skin
Now, I got a problem with this whole concept, you see
Ain't no beginning, no end
It seems like every time I think I've arrived
A whole new trip begins
And the difference is, should I say, the problem is
I've never been so high
Only difference is, little difference


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